Good Thinking, The Documentary
Those Who've Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons


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Small Clips: Feel free to use in your teaching, presentations, or sharings small individual segments taken from Good Thinking, by subject or person.

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Some organizations show the full work over two to four nights.

I welcome and grant permission for you to share this film in any way you see fit, for the needed education, to all concerned or interested.

Good Thinking is yet another tool that helps to introduce this concern to those who know much less than you about it, to widen the perspective, get the conversation going, to raise public awareness and advocacy with Representatives, to deepen the knowledge base and encouraging us all forward toward their elimination.

Yes in our lifetime, urgently, with knowledge we can turn this grave constant danger to civilization and our delicate environment around, together. Again, I and citizens around the world, as well those greatest human leaders within this work long gone, thank you for your time, large or small efforts, and your sharing.